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Target groups

We provide a wide variety of opportunities for different applicants and potential employees. Since all of them have different requirements, needs, competencies and are at different training or job levels, we thrive to offer job positions as appropriate.

Experienced hires 
As an employee with a strong professional experience, you naturally want to progress and challenge yourself. We value employees with a potential and aim to offer them the optimal development opportunities. This combination automatically generates synergies – as we share the same objective: the success.

We offer internships for students completing courses in engineering sciences or in support functions (sales, finance, etc.).

You have gained the necessary expertise at college or university. Now it’s time to lay the foundations for your career. LEONI is an excellent place to start. We have plenty to offer both at the beginning of your career and later on: an atmosphere inspired by team spirit, global employment opportunities, flat hierarchies and a varied range of responsibilities. In return, we expect curiosity, an interest in international challenges and a passion for shaping change.

Dual study programmes, also called apprenticeship, are a well-established in France – an ideal combination of theory and practice. This is the most efficient way to obtain your degree while also getting a professional experience.  

Students on this special type of programme also benefit from financial independence and intensive tutoring. You will be paid by LEONI throughout your apprenticeship. 

You will be directly involved in the business projects within LEONI, whilst we will support you in any way to ensure that you have a sufficient time to study.

Throughout your studies, you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and put your creative skills to the test. If you impress us with your performance and autonomy you have an excellent chance of being offered a job once you have finished your studies.

Job opportunities

Join LEONI and be part of international projects and trainings. Face new career opportunities. Help us build the future of European technology.

Job offers in France

International job offers

Employee benefits

A long-term and trusting professional relationship between our company and our employees builds the foundation for our success. Therefore, taking care of the people working for LEONI is important to us because they dedicate their time, expertise and energy into their everyday work. As a sign of our appreciation for and commitment to them it is essential to support them and make their life a bit easier.

Health insurance:

  • Coverage of the medical expenses of our employees

Works council benefits:

  • Various discounts throughout the year for vacation, shopping, etc.
  • Financial participation at the various family and sport events
  • Hosting regular sales of products at advantageous prices
  • Distribution of holidays and gift cheques


  • At Montigny-Le-Bretonneux we work with Eurest which is located just 2 km away (15 min by foot) from the office.
  • For the rest of our production and non-production sites, we distribute a Moneo restaurant card or restaurant vouchers.

Company savings plan and employee profit sharing programme: 

  • LEONI Wiring Systems France S.A.S. has chosen to associate its employees to the financial results of the company. For this reason, we have established a company savings plan, collective retirement savings plan as well as an employer contribution and employee profit sharing programmes (“abondement” & “intéressement”).
  • LEONI CIA Cable Systems S.A.S. has implemented a company savings plan and a specific retirement saving plan allowing to manage revenues generated by company profit sharing and unused annual leaves or time reduction days, with a company contribution.

Index equality women – men

In accordance with the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future promulgated on 05 September 2018, applicable in France, LEONI Wiring Systems France publishes its gender equality index to measure any wage gaps between women and men for the year 2022.


You will find below the 2023 gender equality index for 2022:

  Description of the indicator Measurement of the indicator
1 Pay gap 35/40
2 Individual increases rate gap 20/20
3 Promotions rate gap 5/15
4 Percentage of employees increased upon returning from maternity leave 15/15
5 Number of employees of the underrepresented sex among the 10 highest compensations 5/10
  Total Score 80/100

In accordance with Rixain law of December 24, 2021 and its decree of February 25, 2022, here are our progress objectives on the indicators below:

  • Indicator n°1 – Pay gap between women and men:
    Continue the current practices implemented during recruitment, during remuneration policies and during promotions in 2022 and reach equal pay for women and men (improvement: 33/40 in 2021 – 35/40 in 2022 – target 2023: 37/40).
  • Indicator n°3 – Promotion Rate Variance:
    Year 2022 does not reflect the company’s policy (15/15 in 2020 and 2021). Exceptional situation in 2022, 47 promotions linked to NextGen which affected more men (35/47). Target 2023: reduce to at least 10/15.
  • Indicator n°5 – Number of employees of the underrepresented gender among the 10 highest remunerations:
    Promote women in high-responsibility positions whenever possible. In 2022, a woman was recruited to a position as Executive Director. It is one of LWSF’s 10 highest remunerations. The indicator therefore rose from 0/10 in 2021 to 5/10 in 2022. The target is to increase to 10/10 in the coming years (i.e. 4 women in the 10 highest remunerations), which cannot be a target given the difficulty in achieving it.