LEONI in France – 
represented by both of our divisions: 

Wiring Systems Division

Represented as LEONI Wiring Systems France S.A.S. with its headquarters based in Montigny-le-Bretonneux.

It is the French legal entity of the Wiring Systems Division. It manufactures and markets products as well as solutions for automotive manufacturers. LEONI Wiring Systems France S.A.S. has a strong industrial presence in Europe, Russia and North Africa.


Founding year: 1980

The activity remains the same since the foundation of the French entity, even though the company went through a number of changes in the past years – transfers, mergers, acquisitions, etc… starting with the transfer from RKG to Sylea in 1991, the sale of wiring activities from Labinal to Valeo in 2000, then to LEONI in 2008.

Wire & Cable Solutions Division

Represented as LEONI CIA Cable Systems S.A.S., based in Gellainville.

LEONI CIA Cable Systems S.A.S. is the French entity of the Wire & Cable Solutions Division, member of the Business Unit Robotic Solutions. Today, we are assisting and supporting its customers from the needs analysis to the feasibility, design, production, installation, services and maintenance. 


Founded in 1989, our activities joined LEONI Group in 2001. From a pure supplier of spot welding components, mainly dedicated to the automotive industry, we became a global solution provider.

More than 25 years of constant evolution allow us to enlarge our range, from secondary cables to extrusion of polyurethane (1992), cable assembly for robots (1994), installation services (1996), maintenance (2000), off-line and on-site programming (2008), full robots commissioning (2010), R&D industrial robotics (2011), robots for medical applications (2013).