LEONI CIA Cable Systems S.A.S., Gellainville


Development and production of energy supply systems for industrial robots

Dresspacks - suitable for every application and every robot type. In addition, there is a long service life and thus a resource-saving and smooth production at the customer's site.

Dresspack systems

Sensor & vision solutions

Systems for the calibration of robotic tools and fixtures in up to six dimensions as well as systems for 6D laser measurement, which are used for gripper measurement, unracking and part location. We also offer machine vision systems including installation services, bus integration, standardization services and feasibility studies.

Unracking, gripper measurement & part location


  • Technical products extruded on a polyurethane basis.
  • Hoses, tubes, monolayers and multilayers for all industrial sectors.
  • Special profiles on request.

Hoses & tubes

Power cables, secondary welding cables

Air or water cooled cables available for all types of industrial processes.

Secondary welding cables


Support and implementation of our solutions for customers all over the world

  • Reliability and improved plant availability.
  • Plant maintenance.

Dresspack services

Programming and optimization of robotic applications

From the study to the determination of the cycle time for all robot brands.

Robot, PLC & offline programming